As announced on my Facebook Page, JoelvsArthritis now has a YouTube channel! If you want to subscribe to be notified of when the first video drops, visit the channel here.

Reaching a wider audience

I have been pondering my next move for some time. YouTube or podcasts seemed like the most obvious step in order to reach a wider audience. My personal research and gauging the views of my regulars on Facebook brought me to the decision to opt for YouTube.

I wanted to reach a wider audience and although my Instagram is making some progress in that department, I found that many of the people that would prefer to listen to podcasts were the same people that consumed content via my articles and blog posts. Considering I have very little time juggling a career, young family and my health, I have to ensure that I am not doubling up – i.e. producing the same content in two different formats for it only to be consumed by the same demographic.

It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t slightly apprehensive about making videos. My passion is in writing, not being in front of the camera and there is an awful lot to learn in terms of camera skills, editing and such like. So bear with me over the first few videos as I learn my craft!

I need your suggestions

As momentum grows with this little project of mine and opportunities continue to find me, I need your help. This is quickly becoming a second job in terms of my time commitment and at the very least, I need to find a way to cover the costs. Branching out into YouTube has only doubled those costs.

I am trying to find ways of monetising to simply fund the website, mailing list, social media presence and now, YouTube video creation, without littering this website with adverts. It’s something I have always said would be the last resort.

I have tried donations through my ‘Buy me a coffee‘ link but it’s a difficult time for everyone so is a big ask for nothing in return. I’ve thought about t-shirts or even self-publishing a book of my poems but again, this all takes a lot of time. Time away from the writing and raising awareness. So I need to know there’s a demand before I pursue such things.

So if you have any ideas how I could cover the costs and keep the lights on or simply want to let me know what you would be interested in in terms of a product; book, merch or otherwise, please let me know in the comments.

We need 1000 subscribers on YouTube before we can make use of in-video adverts so don’t forget to head over there to subscribe and hit the bell.

As always, thanks for your support!

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Arthritis and Psoriasis Patient Advocate, Writer And Consultant. Owner Of The Pain Company.

I share my story of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis to raise awareness and specialise in pain, parenting (with disability) and the mental health impact of living with chronic illness. I write and campaign for leading charities and organisations. In addition, I provide patient experience consultancy for both charities and global healthcare companies.

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