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WordPress Bloggers – bug found with Android App that turns comments off!

Have you put your heart and soul into blog posts only to find they don’t receive a single comment/any engagement?

This has been happening for me since Christmas. Some posts would spring to life in an instant and others would get zero comments – I thought I was probably just boring people 😛 but what I couldn’t understand is why was it one extreme or the other?

Devastatingly – especially for a new blogger such as myself – I recently found out there is a bug with the Android version of the WordPress App when Polly over at Pollyanna Penguin’s RA Blog (check it out!) emailed me to say she couldn’t comment on one of my posts. This got my attention as a few days earlier I noticed another post was quiet and when I checked the front-end of my site I saw that comments were turned off for that post, even though globally in WordPress I have comments set to on by default. I then checked my WP phone and tablet apps and again, both had commenting turned on by default in the settings.

I then reviewed all my blog posts with 0 comments – they all had comments turned off, I was gutted!

It was at this point that I realised they were all posts published since 26/12/19 and were posts that at some time or another during writing them, I had used my phone or tablet. My usual writing style is to start a draft when the thought enters my mind to capture it, so usually on my phone. If I get time later, I like to proofread and publish on my laptop using the browser-based version of WordPress as you get the full set of tools and features when making the post look pretty before it goes out to the world. However, occasionally (such as with a quick poem or comment), I’ll write/draft and publish completely from my phone or write them on my laptop and publish from my phone after a final proofread with a fresh set of eyes when walking the dog or taking my lunch at work. I realised that it was posts that met this criteria – i.e. at some point in their creation they were edited on my Android phone/tablet – that published with commenting turned off, even though I hadn’t changed the global settings of the app/site.

I have raised with WordPress support who confirmed it was a known bug (logged here: WordPress Bug Report), first raised on 11th December 2019.

I thought I’d share so somebody else doesn’t have to find out the hard way like I did. Thanks again to Polly for the email, it could have been worse!


  1. I wanted to tell last time, but couldn’t you sadly as i didn’t know how too

  2. Thanks for the link back – and sorry I hadn’t mentioned it before!! Madly frustrating for you! Grr. But at least you know now and HOPEFULLY WordPress will get it sorted soon.

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