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What do you do to live with and manage arthritis in your fingers?

Since my most recent diagnosis of Psoriatic Arthritis coming up for ten years ago now, I’ve progressively had more problems in my fingers and hands.

On my right dominant hand, my fingers have started to twist and warp and I can no longer turn my hands over flat, which is always embarrassing when handed change in a shop and around one in every three times coins go scattering across the floor.

Pain has started to become an issue too, either during temperature changes (especially this time of year, going in and out of the house), flares or general use; with the latter being a particular problem given I was advised wisely by my doctors as a teenager to ‘get into computers’ so my mobility wouldn’t impact my ability to work. I am finding it uncomfortable on a daily basis now and have developed a habit of rubbing my hands together for relief but that obviously doesn’t help my skin and also makes me conscious of drawing attention to my wonky fingers when talking to people.

Therefore my question to you my fellow fighters is what do you do to manage and cope with arthritis in your fingers on a daily basis? What do you do for pain relief? Tips and tricks? To minimise wear and tear or use? For info, I rely on topical ibuprofen gel to suppliment my prescribed medication and have bought some compression gloves but after that, I’m out of ideas with this being a relatively new development.

I appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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Joel Nelson

Joel Nelson

Joel has lived with numerous forms of arthritis most of his life, with the onset when he was just 11 years old. In 2019, Joel created his blog, JoelvsArthritis to share his experiences, raise awareness and to be an advocate for those with arthritis and other autoimmune conditions. In his short writing career, Joel has written for a number of leading autoimmune and disability charities and is a community advocate and writer for Read his arthritis story here:

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