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‘Underlying health condition’ – Do you think its appropriate to use so heavily during the pandemic?

I recently helped Sophie Gallagher of The Independent newspaper with her piece on the risk of Coronavirus on those with chronic health conditions. I even managed to get my quote in the title!

Check it out here:

What are your thoughts on the pandemic?

Do you think those of us with compromised immune systems get forgotten?

How do you feel about the rhetoric coming out in the media and from the Govenment? In particular the use of the term ‘underlying health condition’. As if those who tragically lost their lives were already weak or dispensable.

It’s not just the elderly, its those with asthma, undergoing cancer treatment, respiratory problems, supressed immune systems and other autoimmune conditions.

Personally, I don’t think we should be bundled in with some poor soul at the end of life. Just because somebody has a chronic condition, it doesn’t make it any more acceptable that they lose their life from the flu.

Is ‘underlying health condition’ really the cause of death as it’s almost exclusively being used during this outbreak? Or is it just a way of reassuring the general public?

Using the term ‘underlying health condition’ as a reason for the general public not to worry, is insensitive to those of us who have good reason to worry.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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