A recent flare reminded me that arthritis is far wider reaching than physical pain and limitations alone. Alongside my independence, PsA deprives me of my confidence and interferes with relationships and friendships. This is my story of how I changed my default behavior and let the world into my arthritis journey.

I have always tried to be an advertisement for what can be achieved with arthritis. With the right treatment, mindset, and application, of course. When I am in remission, I do everything I possibly can to not only make the most of the opportunity but to fend off the next flare for as long as possible.

The man that disappears

In this latest article published by Health Union’s psoriatic-arthritis.com, I talk about how I realised that I was allowing my disease to impact my relationships. Flares would mean that I was unable to participate in hobbies and because of my attitude and behaviour, nobody understood where I went or what happened to me.

This is the story of how I changed my approach to let the world into my arthritis journey.

You can read the article in full here: https://psoriatic-arthritis.com/living/managing-friends