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People don’t appreciate how a comment or a dig,Can easily be the difference between a full night or no sleep.What may seem minor to you, can feel major to me,When your tired and worn out and suffering and weak. Why do the small hours pass so much quicker than a […]

Without sleep

It’s four in the morning and I’m still not asleep,The aching’s too much, from my neck to my feet.Resenting all the hours that I lay here in bed,I could change the world with the time I have spent. It’s five in the morning and I’m begging for rest,My head is […]

I am…pain.

I am strong, until I’m not,I am cold but my joints burn hot. I am happy, on the surface,I am not fit but for what purpose? I can love, but not myself,Not yet dying but don’t have my health. I am travelling but in one direction,Followed by shadows, devoid of […]

Saturdays with my son

Oh, how I treasure Saturdays with my son,When mum’s at work, the boys have fun. Playing, parks, walks and rugby on the tv,When I could no longer play myself, these days came for me. There were times, early on, I was so apprehensive,Now, as you grow, your personality prevents it. […]

I am done

This is a poem that I’ve had in my drafts for some time. As you can tell, I was quite angry and frustrated when I wrote this and it is darker than it probably should be but I thought I should share as the message is an important one. In […]