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Contributors needed! - Joel vs Arthritis
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Contributors needed!

As you’ve probably noticed, things have become a little crazy around here. What started off as a simple personal blog in November 2019, quickly snowballed. I have spent most of May and June doing interviews, national radio campaigns, TV work and writing for other organisations etc. which is great and […]

The Outcasts - Joel vs Arthritis
Creative Writing

The Outcasts

When families reunite, in gardens with beer and cheer,I will still be listening. When neighbours have toured more houses in a weekend than I’ve visited this year,I will still be video calling. When Facebook is filled with pictures of friends by the sea,I will still be pacing my garden. When […]

The arthritis tease - Joel vs Arthritis
Creative Writing

The arthritis tease

Whisper it like I almost don’t believe,But today, when I woke, I was virtually pain-free! Gone was the burning joints, numbered four or five.For a second, I rose and thought I had died! I push and I poke, jog up and down.I wait months for relief so why try to […]