Joel vs Arthritis

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Sentenced: March 2020 - Joel vs Arthritis

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Sentenced: March 2020

A poem about being 'shielded' during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.

Trapped. Anxiety, pining for dog walks;
Fresh air, trees, interaction and faces.

Each day these rooms feel smaller, closer.
Not permitted to leave in the ‘shielded’s’ cases.

In this house, I must be forced to wait;
Until the month is between five and eight.

Even family, the enemy, in the age of airborne.
Threats are unseen, for the immunosuppressed.

Whilst the healthy can exercise, stock their essentials.
The shielded rely on good deeds from the blessed.

In this house, I must await my fate;
Until the month is between five and eight.

The weak are used as justification for the lost.
A reassurance for the healthy and burying of heads.

‘Underlying health condition’, a scapegoat for cause.
Really it’s the blaśe, unnecessary blocking of beds.

In this cell, I will stew; contemplate;
Until a vaccine or an ambulance awaits.

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