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Joel Nelson – Advocate and Freelance Writer

In his short writing career, Joel has written for several leading organisations and charities and is a community advocate and writer for

Specialising in writing about parenting, pain and mental health he hopes that his candid, no-filter accounts of living with chronic illness will make a change in both attitudes and support for those living with autoimmune disease.

As well as writing for this website, Joel Nelson’s work has also featured in several publications. This portfolio covers the most notable published work and media interviews but is not an exhaustive list.

If you are interested in Joel contributing content to your cause, freelance writing for your publication, would like to get a quote from Joel or permission to use an article, then please get in touch at

Freelance articles Joel has written for other publications

Why Psoriatic Arthritis Is Much More Than Skin Deep

A week in the life of a flaring psoriatic arthritis sufferer

Managing Psoriatic Arthritis and Knee Pain

Three’s a crowd: Arthritis was ruining my friendships

Why 2020 Is the Perfect Time to Talk about Your Arthritis

Finding a balance: Parenting, a pandemic and PsA

National Axial Spondyloarthritis Society

Pain and Parenting: when the happiest year of your life becomes the hardest (Spring Magazine 2020)


Chronic Illness & Mental Health: An Inevitable Combination

Parenting in pain and what it can’t take away

Psoriasis Association

My Story

My Psoriatic Arthritis Story – for Psoriasis Awareness Week 2020

Versus Arthritis

Father’s Day post


Lessons in Living Well with arthritis: Joel’s Story

Publication contributions/quotes

Chronic illness in the age of coronavirus‘ – The Independent

Hacked off with life right now? It’s OK – Arthur’s Place

What’s It Really Like to Have Arthritis During COVID-19? – Creaky Joints


BBC Look East Feature/Interview


Versus Arthritis

National radio advert campaign sharing Joel’s story on – Capital, Classic, Gold, Heart, LBC and Radio X (Spring 2020) – Winner of the Media Week Awards 2020 for ‘Best use of Audio’.


My Shielding Experience Live Interview – BBC Radio Norfolk Breakfast Show (June 2020)

Times Radio

Interview on Shielding coming to an end – Live on The Breakfast Show

Guest posts on other blogs

The reality of pain and parenting‘ – Undercover Superhero’s ‘Reality of’ Series

As shielding comes to an end in England, do you feel safe? – ASone, part of NASS (originally published here)


24 year battle with painful arthritis – EDP/Norwich Evening News/Wymondham and Attleborough Mercury

Let’s Talk About…Psoriatic Arthritis‘ – for Me vs Arthritis

My story – Versus Arthritis

New research reveals shielding experiences of millions with arthritis – Versus Arthritis

‘Master the mind – master anything’ Twitch Interview and Podcast – Mindset by Dave


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