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NHS Biologic switch articles

Some people have asked me for links to or further reading on the original decision and announcement by the NHS to move to biosimilars at the end of biologics patents in 2018. Below are a couple of high level ones that came out at the time of the announcement. Note the very short timescale between publication (Oct/Nov 18) and when people started to be switched (in my case Jan 19). There was very little time for questions or consultation and in some cases it is understood to have been done without direct contact, with patients being switched via letter, no Q&A, no discussion.

As previously mentioned, these are very high level but were good starting points for me when I first started to build my case to switch back to biologics so hopefully they prove useful. Please let me know in the comments if you’d like more detailed white papers, documents etc. on this subject.

Thanks and keep fighting, Joel.

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