Creative Writing on Chronic Illness

My twisted valentine

I thought I should get into the spirit of Valentine's Day - but in typical JvA fashion, I've done an awareness piece. A poem that took me under 10mins to write - be kind!

Most loves are chosen,
Though the greatest never feel like a choice.
Masters of our destiny,
We like to feel that we decide who enters the door to our lives.

Love is a gift,
Something we send or accept, willingly.
And when unreciprocated,
Cuts deep into a core you never knew you held.

Love is a burden,
But a responsibility that lights our eyes as we carry.
As fires are extinguished all around us,
Love is a torch that flickers eternally through our lives.

My gift wasn’t chosen,
And it certainly isn’t the greatest love of my life.
But it is the most defining-
The burden of chronic illness (for life).


  1. The best writing is that which provokes deep thought. Indeed, this piece will stay with me for a while. From my perspective, the meaning is complex. Wow! Iā€™m impressed!

    1. Thank you so much Wanda, I really appreciate your kind words. šŸ˜Š Always nice to know when my words have connected with someone.

      I just realised that you emailed me (I get a lot of random emails so am always cautious). I will reply asap. šŸ™‚ thank you.

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