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My greatest Christmas fear

In this second of a two-part poetic series, 'My greatest Christmas fear' talks about the magic being lost as people drift apart.

This is the second in a two-part ‘Empty chairs: Christmas in isolation‘ series. You can find the first here: My Christmas Wish.

When I was a child
The phone would never cease to ring,
From family, friends, acquaintances;
Those considered kin.

Christmas morning was accompanied
By the sound of the telephone,
And those friendly neighbours
Who would call in to say hello.

But now those mornings fall silent
Apart from the radio
That crackles half-tuned to itself,
As we’re glued to smartphones.

Conversations replaced by a sentence,
An apathetic ‘copy and pasted’ text.
When did our time become so scarce?
When did we care less?

I miss the sound of laughter.
I miss the sound of ‘it’s been too long‘.
I miss the feeling of being surrounded,
By those with who I belong.

And now as I grow older,
The empty chairs gather with my years.
And the year in which find myself alone,
is, without doubt,
My greatest Christmas fear.

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