It’s been a crazy year. In the UK, an even more surreal couple of weeks. Amongst all of this (and a period of poor health), I completely missed two news items to bring you regarding media contributions in which I have had the opportunity to take part in.

Versus Arthritis Media Award

Firstly, back in October, it was announced that the ‘Stolen Stories’ Versus Arthritis radio campaign that I was lucky enough to be a part of, won Gold in the Media Week Awards 2020 – Best use of audio award.

You can read all about it here: Best use of audio award

This was a fantastically innovative campaign and really caught people’s attention – with the premise being that arthritis steals from us – that it’s not just about the pain but how it affects those around us as well.

It was featured on all of Global’s radio stations (Radio X, Smooth, Heart, Gold etc.) over a one week period, with my story being one of several from people living with arthritis.

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It was a strange experience with the lockdown rules coming into place right as I was due to go into the studio so we had to get creative and I recorded from home with the assistance of a professional sound engineer over the phone.

Versus Arthritis have always made it very clear how grateful they were for my participation in this, but they probably don’t know how much it helped me. I had only been blogging and sharing my story a few months, and as the effects of Shielding kicked in, my access to support dwindled and my mobility worsened; having projects like this really helped me focus – and feel like I was still contributing to something at a time I was stuck indoors and unwell.

I want to thank Versus Arthritis for this opportunity and congratulate them on the award – something they thoroughly deserved for the effort that went in despite the challenges at the time.

Creaky joints Covid feature

I wasn’t aware this had been published until somebody pointed it out to me (so please do keep letting me know where you see me referenced!) but back at the end of the summer, I helped with an article that captured the experiences of those living with arthritis around the globe.

You can read the piece here: Living with Arthritis During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Global Perspective (

I was delighted that so many of my comments are used and it was really interesting to read other’s experiences during such a difficult time.

I help many journalists and writers out with various articles, provide quotes etc., but I don’t always get notified when these make it to print. So if you spot any out there in the ether, please let me know to add it to my Portfolio page.

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