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Looking for users of CBD Oil and research sources

CBD Oil is probably one of the most talked about treatments by patients in arthritis and rheumatology circles right now. Its everywhere and even trusted high street brands such as Holland and Barrett are selling it. However, I personally have no experience of it. For no obvious reason other than I probably put it in the same bracket as copper bracelets…great for those who swear by them but I personally don’t see the science in their effective use.

I’m looking to write a piece on CBD oils, the use of them, effectiveness, experience of arthritis sufferers using them etc. Have you used them? Did they work for you? Given the strict restrictions in the UK for them to be classed as legal (maximum of 0.2% THC) is it even effective in such a watered down and tightly controlled form?

If you have any experience of using these oils, good or bad (I must stress, the legal over-the-counter oils, not smoking or eating marijuana or oils that are classed as illegal in the UK due to their levels of THC) then I would love to hear from you. Alternatively, if you’d like to contribute to my article or research, please get in touch via the links on this page.

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Joel Nelson

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