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January Review – New year, same challenges

So 2020 hasn’t started the way I had hoped back in November but there is still much to be positive about and these monthly reviews (previously called round ups) are a good way of reminding me to make time to reflect and not get too hung up on the negatives.

The month in numbers…

  • 120 new visitors (welcome!)
  • Over 1100 page views
  • Reached a milestone of 50 posts published on the blog (that went quickly!), 50 follows from other bloggers and broke records for number of likes and comments in one day and month on the blog – it’s heading in the right direction!

Top 5 Most popular posts…

  1. A positive start to 2020 – 10 things I have achieved with arthritis
  2. Preparing for the Pain Management Clinic
  3. 2 months old for Joel Vs Arthritis – this is amazing!
  4. Saturdays with my son
  5. I am done


  • Seeing the site continue to grow at a rapid rate really keeps me going so thank you to everyone who has stopped by, contributed, commented etc.
  • Having my first guest post published on Ami’s Undercover Superhero blog
  • Getting greater confidence to publish my poetry about chronic pain – your comments and feedback has really helped me with this, so thank you.
  • I recently had an interview with VersusArthritis about the blog, raising awareness and my personal story regarding living with arthritis whilst being a parent, living with chronic pain and the mental health side of living with a chronic condition . I hope to announce more collaborations with other leading charities in the coming weeks; discussions are advanced.
  • I got back in the gym! Although I haven’t been able to go as often as I would have liked due to a chest infection over the last week, this was a big step for me and one I look to build on over the coming weeks.

Biggest inspiration…

Not so much a particular individual but a campaign/movement. I was recently alerted to the #getyourskinout campaign on Instagram to raise awareness of psoriasis and other skin conditions. I have so much admiration for what people share, to the point that it’s almost embarrassing that I’ve always hidden my rashes, which are very mild in comparison. I shared my first photo of this here:

Time to start breaking down those barriers and the defence mechanisms I’ve put in place for myself over the years!

Bloggers to follow…

This month, I have enjoyed reading the following blogs:

Through the tornado of chaos by Robin – a prolific writer of poems, often covering dark, innermost reflections of personal situations and everyday life. A captivating read.

That girl with arthritis – A very new blog with bags of potential (and obviously a subject very close to my heart!). Brianna has no where near the followers she deserves yet so thought I’d give her a shout out – if you like my content, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy her writing – go check it out.

Please note, I do this section based on my own opinion, I don’t receive any money for promoting other bloggers and they are not aware of my recommendation prior to posting. This list is not exhaustive and tends to be new blogs that I’ve come across in the last month.

In summary, it was another good month for the blog and can’t believe it’s been less than 3 months since I started this – so much has happened! I have a lot of exciting news and collaborations lined up for next month so watch this space, I’m only just getting started. 🙂

Thank you for all your support.

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