Joel vs Arthritis

Raising awareness of chronic illness

I went outside today for the first time in 6 weeks. I wasn’t supposed to, it was against medical advice but I needed to escape for my sanity. It was only a drive to my brother’s to leave his birthday present on his door step, such is the times, so was pretty low risk, but it helped me.

For somebody that’s not left the house for over a month and a half, it was weird. So quiet. Overgrown verges on country roads. A deer running across the Thickthorn roundabout made it feel like a scene from ‘I Am Legend’. It gave me hope that no matter how much we ruin this planet, nature will cover up our footprint within a generation.

I didn’t account for how envious I would be of the runners, the cyclists, the families going for a stroll. It’s easy to get stuck in your bubble. I left the house for my mental health but I returned with a renewed sense of motivation.

I don’t know what post-lockdown looks like for me. Do I press on with my writing? Try and push my body into doing physical exercise again? What I do know is that I am motivated once more.

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.

Pablo Neruda
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