I am strong, until I’m not,
I am cold but my joints burn hot.

I am happy, on the surface,
I am not fit but for what purpose?

I can love, but not myself,
Not yet dying but don’t have my health.

I am travelling but in one direction,
Followed by shadows, devoid of reflection.

Short on temper but long for peace,
My body grows heavy, my struggle will cease.

I will give and it will take,
Despite the fight, it still aches.

Always waiting but don’t have the time,
And if you ask, I’ll say I’m fine.

A little twenty minute ditty. I promise to start spending some proper time and thought on these soon.

I work best when I write these in the moment, though some might disagree!

Featured image: me after my morning routine of scolding bath, moisturiser, salts, pills, stretches and walks.