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Humira update no. 3 – slow progress

Note: This post continues as part of a series regarding my switchback to Humira in November 2019. You can find earlier posts via the ‘Humira’ tag here:

So it’s now been over two months since I went back on Humira, approximately six injections and I’m a little disappointed if I’m honest.

As of now: admittedly my rashes have reduced but I have pain in both my knees (particularly in the morning), spine, neck (with a lot of stiffness) and worryingly, my heel pain has returned with a bang – which originally seemed to ease with the introduction of Humira a few weeks back.

I’ve got past the panic of Humira not having a life-changing difference within two weeks as it did when I was first prescribed it approximately five years ago – and I realise I was very lucky with that original response to the drug – but as we approach three months, I’m starting to worry. According to Humira’s own guidance:

Some patients taking HUMIRA plus methotrexate saw results in as quickly as 2 weeks. For others, it can take up to 3 months or longer. If it’s working, you’ll likely notice less pain, swelling, and joint stiffness. (last accessed: 27/01/2020)

It should be noted that I am no longer on Methotrexate (it damaged my liver a couple of years ago) but my nurses inform me that you should see a benefit within three months and I wasn’t on methotrexate when I first went on biologics so I have fairly comparable circumstances between when I first went on it and now.

I’m trying to do everything I can to give the treatment a chance – I have rejoined the gym, taking the dog for longer walks, being more regular with my painkillers, eating more fruit and veg etc. and until recently I have been more healthy in myself – I say recently as I have been ill the last week with another chest infection but until then I had been infection-free throughout January, which was a big step forward.

I’m running out of patience and a little bit of hope. πŸ™

In other news…

To end on a more positive note, I recently wrote a guest post (my first ever one!) for the awesome Ami over at Undercover Superhero, check it out here.

References (2020). After Starting Treatment. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 27 January 2020].


  1. Oh dear – I really hope it does work for you. They do usually say three months is enough time to know, as you say, and it’s not sounding great, but there is still hope – and however frustrating the thought maybe, there are other possible treatments to try as well.

    1. Thanks Pollyanna, I hope so too, especially as I know how it can work. I’d also feel a bit stupid going back asking for other options after I had to make so much noise to get back on it/the decision reversed. I don’t want to burn my bridges with a team I’ve been working with since I was 14.

  2. No need to feel stupid – there’s a possibility that if they hadn’t left you on the biosimilar for a year, you wouldn’t be in this state now – and if you would have been in this state anyway then, well, you need other options! If they have any sense you won’t be burning bridges! πŸ™‚

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