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So it’s now been over two months since I went back on Humira, approximately six injections and I’m a little disappointed if I’m honest.

As of now: admittedly my rashes have reduced but I have pain in both my knees (particularly in the morning), spine, neck (with a lot of stiffness) and worryingly, my heel pain has returned with a bang – which originally seemed to ease with the introduction of Humira a few weeks back.

I’ve got past the panic of Humira not having a life-changing difference within two weeks as it did when I was first prescribed it approximately five years ago – and I realise I was very lucky with that original response to the drug – but as we approach three months, I’m starting to worry. According to Humira’s own guidance:

Some patients taking HUMIRA plus methotrexate saw results in as quickly as 2 weeks. For others, it can take up to 3 months or longer. If it’s working, you’ll likely notice less pain, swelling, and joint stiffness. (last accessed: 27/01/2020)

It should be noted that I am no longer on Methotrexate (it damaged my liver a couple of years ago) but my nurses inform me that you should see a benefit within three months and I wasn’t on methotrexate when I first went on biologics so I have fairly comparable circumstances between when I first went on it and now.

I’m trying to do everything I can to give the treatment a chance – I have rejoined the gym, taking the dog for longer walks, being more regular with my painkillers, eating more fruit and veg etc. and until recently I have been more healthy in myself – I say recently as I have been ill the last week with another chest infection but until then I had been infection-free throughout January, which was a big step forward.

I’m running out of patience and a little bit of hope. 🙁

In other news…

To end on a more positive note, I recently wrote a guest post (my first ever one!) for the awesome Ami over at Undercover Superhero, check it out here.

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