My latest article for has been published. Talking about the mental health impact of living with a chronic illness such as psoriatic arthritis, I try to explain my experience in an attempt to reassure others.

There is no talk about the mental health pressures of living with chronic illness, at diagnosis or any other time. No posters relating to this on Rheumatology waiting room walls, no councillor support when somebody is told they will have this life changing health condition for the rest of their time on this Earth, and it needs to change. In this piece, I try to raise awareness of that.

I’ve included two excerpts below.

What started as a high pain day has dragged so many elements of my life into it, from work to relationships to mental health challenges that I can’t give anyone the answer they want. People expect you to get sick, take some time off and improve, but in my case, the longer a flare lasts, the more time there is for these elements to play a part.

“Have you tried resting?” Yes. “Have you taken anything for it?” Yes. Have you tried Yog..” Don’t!

It’s Time To Talk About Mental Health & Psoriatic Arthritis (

The pressure my arthritis puts on my mental health is common sense. Chronic illness and the likes of depression go hand in hand, yet you have to figure this out on your own. There is no mention of it from your Rheumatologist at diagnosis. No posters for it in the waiting room with the pictures of old, twisted hands and (in my case) age-inappropriate leaflets.

It’s Time To Talk About Mental Health & Psoriatic Arthritis (

For the full article and to see more of my freelance writing for Health Union in the United States, head over to here:

It’s Time To Talk About Mental Health & Psoriatic Arthritis (

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