Joel vs Arthritis

Raising awareness of chronic illness

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Medium is an open writing platform that over 170 million people read articles on. It allows the likes of ‘little ol me’ to write alongside famous authors, journalists and thinkers.

The beauty of Medium is that it is free to use, allowing you to read a number of articles per month, however, when subscribers ($5 a month for unlimited access to all authors and articles) read my content, I get a small commission based on the number of reads and time spent on the article.

It’s a great way to showcase my most popular articles from this website to a wider audience. It also has the potential to raise much-needed funds to keep this website, support group and other associated media platforms going – which currently costs me over £500 a year and rises in line with our ever-growing community.

So even if you do nothing more than head over to, hit the follow button and ‘clap‘ my articles on there, it will make a huge difference to the chances of my work being seen by new people. People who my work either relates to, reassures or raises awareness of their behalf.

Thank you and for your continued support of what I am trying to achieve here.

Please note, publishing on this platform will not take anything away from, which will remain the first place you hear about my work, articles, interviews etc.

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