First gym session in over a year!

I did it! It’s been over a year but I got over the pain and fear of failure and injury (mostly fear) and got my backside in the gym.

I managed an hour but in all honesty, I could have done more – but my wife reminded me that I was looking after the baby Saturday whilst she’s at work and I was under strict instructions not to overdo it!

I did 15mins on the rowing machine at full resistance, 20 min/6 mile bike ride and then 25mins of weights, mostly on the legs.

So far so good, I feel pretty fresh and pain free. My back twinges a little and there was a couple of points on the leg press I could feel the weakness in my right knee but no foot/heel problems, hands were ok and neck was fine. Result.

Not looking forward to the morning and seeing what’s swollen but this was a big step for me, just frustrating it took so long for me to be in a position to take it.

I’ll update on how the body responds in the coming days. Thanks for all your support and encouragement.


  1. Excellent – well done you! And I hope you aren’t suffering too much today and can manage baby duties! 🙂

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