As some of you may have already seen on social media this morning, an article I wrote for Versus Arthritis has been published today.

In a post specifically for Father’s Day (which is today, here in the UK), I talk about how becoming a parent changed my life. More importantly, how becoming a parent with arthritis motivated me to start ‘Joelvsarthritis’.

I found this one rather emotional to write. I had recently received bad news from the hospital and been struggling to write for a number of weeks. I wanted to write but I was dealing with a lot of changes that I needed to process. Then this opportunity came along.

I sat down and forced myself to start typing (something I never traditionally do) but to my surprise, this piece just flowed. Pouring out of me with little effort at all, as the things you are most passionate talking about often do. I think I finished it in 15 minutes or so. I read it back with tears in my eyes and knew it didn’t need any further edits. So, in an absolute first, I submitted it within minutes of penning the first draft.

I hope you find it as powerful to read as I found writing it.

You can find it here:

Happy Father’s Day all. x

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