As reported on my Facebook page yesterday – you can find it here if you haven’t given it a like yet 😉 – I have some exciting news to tell you.

I have my first published article going in the National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society (NASS) magazine shortly. It’s a more condensed version of what I shared on Ami’s Blog last month regarding living with arthritis whilst being a new parent and will be the first time I’ve ever had something I’ve written published! Slightly nervous but excited all the same.

I was then asked by the well known disability charity Scope to write two blog posts for their website/social media campaigns in 2020. One again on parenting with a disability and secondly regarding mental health and how that goes hand in hand with living with a disability.

If you would have said to me this time last year that I would have started a blog, people were following it and my writing would be published in actual magazines for leading charities, I would never have believed you! Funny how life goes sometimes.

This all comes in a two week period where I have been pretty miserable after picking up another chest infection and subsequent asthma problems off the back of it, so it was great timing for a little ‘pick me up’. It does also leave me wondering where else I can go with this?

I initially started this to share my story and to act as a bit of self-help but I thought the shelf-life of it would be pretty short, as after all, there’s only so much you can talk about yourself. However, it’s clear that I can use my voice to raise awareness on a much larger scale than just my personal biologics-switch story or arthritis and there’s an opportunity to do something really positive here.

Whilst I ponder that, if you have any ideas as to what I do next with this, suggestions or other places I could share my writing, then please do let me know in the comments.

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Arthritis and Psoriasis Patient Advocate, Writer And Consultant. Owner Of The Pain Company.

I share my story of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis to raise awareness and specialise in pain, parenting (with disability) and the mental health impact of living with chronic illness. I write and campaign for leading charities and organisations. In addition, I provide patient experience consultancy for both charities and global healthcare companies.

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