Everyone sleeps except me - Joel vs Arthritis

Okay, so I don’t know if this is going to become ‘a thing’ or not but my last post where I wrote a poem (for the first time in about 20 years!) became, within 24hrs, the most popular post I’ve written in the month-old life of this blog!

Considering it is still very early days and I am slowly growing my audience, it was frankly crazy to get so many new likes and followers from one short post that probably took me less than twenty minutes to write. I really appreciate it and it gave me a much needed shot in the arm at a time where I am quite low due to new health issues – so thank you 🙂

So to test the water to see if there is a market for this sort of thing, I thought I’d have a crack at another one to see how it goes down. Note, I wrote this in the middle of the night when I was half asleep settling the baby so it might not be my best (or happiest) work. It’s called ‘Every one sleeps, except me’, I hope you enjoy it.

This house it stands still,
Not a creak, not a scratch.
Because everyone sleeps, except me.

The babe he lays silent,
In dreams, he is despatched.
Because everyone sleeps, except me.

The dog he is muttering,
Chasing rabbits in his mind.
Because everyone sleeps, except me.

The wife she is snoring,
Yet it is delicate, refined.
Because everyone sleeps, except me.

The pain it is raging,
Like a storm out to sea.
And nobody sleeps, that knows pain like me.

Let me know your thoughts – I was toying with the idea of a few more verses but I felt like it made the point succinctly where I ended it. Feedback always welcome.