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December Round Up – trying to end the year on a high

Like most people in December, it’s been a busy month. It was our little man’s first christmas which made it an exciting time for all and certainly brought back the magic of Christmas.

I was also still off work and although I am well and truly on the mend, finally, it did bring added pressures at this time of year and I was all to conscious of the extra workload I was putting on my wife with regards to getting the shopping done and decorations up. Ultimately, we made it to Christmas and had an awesome first one as a three 😊

The month in numbers…

  • 170 unique visitors (150 new)
  • 1200 page views 🤯

Top 5 Most popular posts…

  1. Motor Neurone Disease Fundraising Appeal
  2. My Story
  3. A poem about how I feel right now
  4. Everyone sleeps except me
  5. New website design


  • Going past 1000 views in a month for the first time
  • Writing my first guest post (more details on this next month)
  • Getting some amazing feedback over the new website design. This seems to have gone down much better than I anticipated!
  • Connected with some incredible new bloggers who have really inspired me as well as being super supportive (more on this below)
  • Continued to grow this blog’s community at a rate that is still surprising me – thank you to everyone who is following and sharing, it means everything.

Biggest inspiration…

This month it has to be my son. He’s almost 1 years old so his first Christmas came at a great time where he could get something out of it (but mum and dad didn’t have to be super organised!) and he really brought a smile to everyone’s face. It’s been a terrible year but the arrival of him in January and topping it off with my first Christmas as a dad, really did put things into perspective and top and tail the year nicely.

December Round Up - trying to end the year on a high - JoelvsArthritis

Bloggers to follow…

This month I stumbled upon an absolute gem of a blog (I think I was googling motivational stories) in the form of David Kanigan’s Live & Learn. I absolutely love his writing style, it mesmerises me. The short sentences, rapid-fire descriptive way he writes resonates with me and I only wish I could write something similar to that (unfortunately, I’m a waffler by nature and work hard on trying to be more succinct!) – even brief, intentionally vague, Sunday morning shower thought-type posts tell you so much more than the word count implies. He has a real talent.

Blogging about nature, inspiration, running, fleeting thoughts and everything in between, I couldn’t recommend this one high enough.

Please note, I do this section based on my own opinion, I don’t receive any money for promoting other bloggers and they are not aware of my recommendation prior to posting.

So in summary it was great month for the blog (only the second since its conception), I’ve connected with some great people, learnt an awful lot about myself and blogging and am more excited about this project than ever.

Happy New Year all and thanks for stopping by. x

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