My Arthritis Story

The ‘My Arthritis Story’ is the backbone of Joel vs Arthritis and where it all began! Expect raw, emotional accounts of daily life with arthritis

4 weeks to forget... - Joel vs Arthritis
My Arthritis Story

4 weeks to forget…

We all know that biologics are an absolute game changer. In my case, I was pain free in just a week or two of my first injection but does anyone else think about the strain it puts on your body? To be clear from the outset here, I am not […]

The inception - Joel vs Arthritis
My Arthritis Story

The inception

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. So this is what inspired me to start a blog and share my story on social media. 2019 has been rough for me but in the last month, I started to share my story, firstly after I was encouraged to […]

This is me - Joel vs Arthritis
My Arthritis Story

This is me

Because every story starts with a beginning, right? My name is Joel and this is my story (originally written 11th October 2019): So, probably the most daunting post I’ve ever written because I’m not very open with this sort of thing but tomorrow is #worldarthritisday and @versusarthritis are asking people […]