Creative Writing

A selection of poetry and creative pieces related to my life with chronic illness.

I used to be - JoelvsArthritis
Creative Writing

I used to be

I used to be fit, I used to be strong, I used to be witty and happy; belong. I used to be driven, oh, to be enthused, I used to entertain and sing; amuse. I used to be healthy, I used to have fun, I used to compete, be agile […]

Two lonely men on a beach - JoelvsArthritis
Creative Writing

Two lonely men on a beach

I went to Scratby one stormy night,But not to enjoy a walk, on the sand, by the moon’s milky light.I drove in a fog and welcomed the rain,Blasting out Nirvana, full of bitterness and rage. Parked up on the clifftop as I watched the waves spill,Wondered what would be quicker, […]

Without sleep - JoelvsArthritis
Creative Writing

Without sleep

It’s four in the morning and I’m still not asleep,The aching’s too much, from my neck to my feet.Resenting all the hours that I lay here in bed,I could change the world with the time I have spent. It’s five in the morning and I’m begging for rest,My head is […]

I am...pain. - JoelvsArthritis
Creative Writing

I am…pain.

I am strong, until I’m not,I am cold but my joints burn hot. I am happy, on the surface,I am not fit but for what purpose? I can love, but not myself,Not yet dying but don’t have my health. I am travelling but in one direction,Followed by shadows, devoid of […]

Saturdays with my son - JoelvsArthritis
Creative Writing

Saturdays with my son

Oh, how I treasure Saturdays with my son,When mum’s at work, the boys have fun. Playing, parks, walks and rugby on the tv,When I could no longer play myself, these days came for me. There were times, early on, I was so apprehensive,Now, as you grow, your personality prevents it. […]

I am done - JoelvsArthritis
Creative Writing

I am done

This is a poem that I’ve had in my drafts for some time. As you can tell, I was quite angry and frustrated when I wrote this and it is darker than it probably should be but I thought I should share as the message is an important one. In […]

Everyone sleeps except me - JoelvsArthritis
Creative Writing

Everyone sleeps except me

Okay, so I don’t know if this is going to become ‘a thing’ or not but my last post where I wrote a poem (for the first time in about 20 years!) became, within 24hrs, the most popular post I’ve written in the month-old life of this blog! Considering it […]