Creative Writing

A selection of poetry and creative pieces related to my life with chronic illness.

The shadow - Joel vs Arthritis
Creative Writing

The shadow

I wrote this song on my dog walk. Apologies, for it’s quite dark. It’s not a cry for help. It’s not for sympathy. It’s an account of a situation. An outlet. ‘Awareness Art’. Perhaps I’ll perform it for you one day.

man jumps from to water
Creative Writing

All things crumble to the sea

My body was a land, once proud.Now but a weathered cliff,Eroded by time’s passing hand. My dreams have been diluted,By life’s watering can.It’s salty water seeps and rots all plans. My loves like the tide, they come, they go.My health an undercurrent,Passions ripped from the shallows. My mind, the sea […]

The Outcasts - Joel vs Arthritis
Creative Writing

The Outcasts

When families reunite, in gardens with beer and cheer,I will still be listening. When neighbours have toured more houses in a weekend than I’ve visited this year,I will still be video calling. When Facebook is filled with pictures of friends by the sea,I will still be pacing my garden. When […]

The arthritis tease - Joel vs Arthritis
Creative Writing

The arthritis tease

Whisper it like I almost don’t believe,But today, when I woke, I was virtually pain-free! Gone was the burning joints, numbered four or five.For a second, I rose and thought I had died! I push and I poke, jog up and down.I wait months for relief so why try to […]

I went outside today... - Joel vs Arthritis
Creative Writing

I went outside today…

I went outside today for the first time in 6 weeks. I wasn’t supposed to, it was against medical advice but I needed to escape for my sanity. It was only a drive to my brother’s to leave his birthday present on his door step, such is the times, so […]

Unknown, yet shown - Joel vs Arthritis
Creative Writing

Unknown, yet shown

‘Oh, I see you’re limping away?’ *awkward pause as they wait for me to say* ‘How are you? You’re looking well?’ I deflect back, you don’t know my hell. Confused, they’re thrown. No gossip? Poor show. ‘What’s wrong?’, their patience expires. ‘Oh, just this long term thing’. I retire.