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Calling all autoimmune bloggers, champions and healthcare professionals - Joel vs Arthritis

Calling all autoimmune bloggers, champions and healthcare professionals

Its early days for this blog and what I’m trying to achieve with this project but I am determined for it to be a success.

How do I measure that? Well, if it helps someone in a similar position to me, newly diagnosed, a family member or otherwise, then it’s done its job. I have grander plans but they are but a speck on the horizon at this stage. For now, I just want it to be interesting, insightful and a resource for those it applies to. I also want to raise awareness for those living with arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. My personal story and experiences are just one part of that.

Calling all bloggers…

If you have something to offer on the broad subject of rheumatology or autoimmune conditions, from an experience point of view or medically, then get in touch. Either via the comments section or via I know there is only so much content I can produce from my narrow perspective so over the coming months, I’ll be looking for more guest posts, publications, interviews etc. to share with our growing audience to bring greater value to this resource. So if you think you have anything to contribute, no matter how small, then please do get in touch.

Some examples could be:

  • Another blogger in the field who would like to write a guest post on the subject (we will reference your blog, of course)
  • A fellow arthritis fighter with a story to tell
  • A family member of someone with an associated condition who would like to share their story of support, challenges or good news stories
  • A charity or healthcare professional that would like to share something about help and support that’s available to patients

We want your feedback

If you have any other suggestions or feedback with regards to the content we produce, let us know. The readership of this site is growing rapidly so it’s important we capture what content you enjoy most.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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