Joel vs Arthritis

Raising awareness of chronic illness

Your mind cannot do what your body won't allow - Joel vs Arthritis

Your mind cannot do what your body won’t allow

A poem about how physical disability impacts you reaching your goals.

You can imagine and perceive it, believe and persevere but your mind cannot do what your body won’t allow.

Frustration, realisation, hope’s replaced with fear, the will is certainly present but my body will not adhere.

Potential and promise, now forever unfulfilled, as my mind cannot achieve when my body won’t back down.

Ideas and capabilities must now be distilled. My dreams shall always remain a cheque I cannot cash in.

Nature versus nurture, the winner all too clear, I could be educated to genius; I’m never going to win.

And when I have turned to dust, only deformed bones will remain. My desires forever lost to the prison that laid claim.

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