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My disease dismantles my dreams and it’s excruciating
Living with disability feels like living with a constant sense of loss, mortality and, in a way, mid-life crisis. A recent Netflix documentary made me …
What is your experience with CBD oil?
Have you tried over-the-counter CBD oil as part of the management of your chronic condition? If so, I want to hear from you ahead of …
When a routine procedure becomes an emergency
An event in 2014 changed my outlook on how I approached routine medical procedures and to this day, I still have 'white coat syndrome' whenever …
Guest post published by Scope
Scope publish guest post by JoelvsArthritis
JoelvsArthritis on BBC Look East
As mentioned on my social medal platforms (you can find links at the bottom of this page), I was filmed by the BBC yesterday morning. …
A month of milestones
This week sees the six month anniversary of the creation of this site. It's been a brief and crazy journey! If numbers are your thing… …
I went outside today…
I went outside today for the first time in 6 weeks. I wasn't supposed to, it was against medical advice but I needed to escape …
Interview with Nanci from ‘My Autoimmune Adventures’
Recently, I interviewed Nanci Saad of My Autoimmune Adventures. I have been following Nanci's Facebook blog for a number of months and she has also …
The wider impact of Juvenile Arthritis
Arthritis doesn't discriminate, it doesn't even care if you have arthritis or not, it's going to change your plans. Juvenile arthritis is particularly cruel. In …
Recap on the most surreal week of my blogging life
Recap on a week that involved a national radio campaign, newspaper coverage and an influx of new followers for JoelvsArthritis

Hi, I’m Joel…

Photo of Joel from Joelvsarthritis

A man in my mid-thirties, from Norwich, the UK who has had some form of arthritis or autoimmune disorder most of my life. Essentially my body’s own immune system attacks itself in various parts of my body.

I have had Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JiA) since I was 11. Later, I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) when I was 14 and Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) in my 20’s.

My condition, unfortunately, progresses with age and due to treatment to suppress my immune system, I am also vulnerable to infection – But I won’t let this stop me.

I have always struggled with talking about my challenges and disabilities so after a difficult year in 2019, I created this blog to share my experiences, raise awareness, provide resources for people fighting autoimmune disorders. I am also a contributor and community advocate for

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I’m stubborn and do as much as my body permits. So although there will be posts when I’m struggling or having a bad day, I hope that I can:

Inspire, demonstrate the positive side of those of us fighting arthritis or living with chronic pain and show that anything is possible with the right attitude and motivation.

Finally, I will not shy away from the associated challenges of living with an autoimmune disease and hope that by openly talking about mental health, relationships, parenting and employment it can help others in a similar situation or newly diagnosed.

Feedback, contributions, guest posts etc. to help build what I am trying to achieve with this project and give others a platform to tell their story and raise awareness are always welcome, so please do get in touch if you think you can help.

Me on the start line of RideLondon 100 in 2019 in aid of Cancer Research UK (I managed to complete it in just over 7hrs despite going through a flare at the time!)

If you enjoy your time on this site or in any way find it useful, please don’t forget to subscribe to receive notifications of new posts and like, share and comment on any articles you enjoy. It really does help!

Thank you for visiting – Joel.

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