So today is a big day for me. After 11 months of fighting the reversal of the decision to switch me from Humira to the cheaper Biosimilar Imraldi, which subsequently resulted in one of the biggest flares I’ve had in recent years, the switch back to Humira is finally here!

I will be writing in more depth about what happened to me in 2019 over the coming weeks but for a brief glimpse, see this previous blog post.

Since being forced to move over to Imraldi at the start of the year as part of the NHS efficiency initiatives, I have been on daily painkillers, double the amount of anti-inflammatories I normally take, had steroid injections in my knee etc.

To put this into context, Humira was a miracle drug for me, it worked almost instantly. I didn’t have any rashes whilst I was on it, limited pain and no real flares; it allowed me to take up rugby again, start a family and more so to take me off of it after years of finding the right treatment  combination with only a few weeks notice and no say in the matter was madness.

To make matters worse, during the switch, we were told we could easily switch back if things didn’t work out but within weeks of raising concerns over my worsening health, it became clear that it was never going to be as easy as that and that a number of brick walls were erected behind patients after the initial switch.

That’s enough of focusing on the nightmare these last 11 months have brought me, today is a good day and I look forward to telling you all (fingers crossed) about the positive results over the coming week or two!

Have you had a similar experience with the biologic switch to biosimilars? Let us know down in the comments.

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