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Joel and his son, Dylan, on the beach

My Arthritis Story

The ‘My Arthritis Story’ is the backbone of Joel vs Arthritis and where it all began! Expect raw, emotional accounts of daily life with arthritis.

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A category for our most popular and widely shared articles.

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Health Stories and Interviews

Health stories and interviews covering all aspects of arthritis and autoimmune disease, including your submitted stories and experiences of chronic illness.


The ‘Joel vs Arthritis’ podcast aims to raise awareness of arthritis, autoimmune disease and chronic illness in a relaxed and candid way. Covering topics including pain, parenting and the mental health impact of living with chronic illness.

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Chronic Illness and Mental Health Series

A popular series that talks candidly about the links between living with chronic health conditions and mental health.

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Creative Writing on Chronic Illness

A selection of poetry and creative pieces related to Joel Nelson’s life with chronic illness.

Published Work and Media

Updates and news from Joel Nelson’s freelance writing and advocacy, including published work, radio and TV interviews.

Shielding Mini-Series

A series on the experiences of somebody in the UK shielding during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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A collection of Joel’s most popular quotes, tweets and curated comments.

‘Top Lists’

From tips for managing your arthritis to awareness pieces, here you will find popular list articles for quick consumption!

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