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Alcohol Awareness Week

Its alcohol awareness week this week in the UK and many people often overlook the links between alcohol and psoriasis.

I was always a big social drinker, it went with the territory of playing team sport every weekend but as my health deteriorated and I was diagnosed with yet another autoimmune condition (Psoriatic Arthritis) in my mid-20s, I started realising how awful I felt when I drank alcohol. Not the usual next day but for days afterwards. My knees would ache, heels would throb and I even suffered at the time. After one drink my face would start to flush and (weirdly) ears swell, go red and my eyes would itch. All very embarrassing on a Saturday night out!

It wasn’t until I had three years without a drop of alcohol (due to a complication with my liver and methotrexate) that I realised just how much it was adding to my symptoms. I have the odd drink now but very much in moderation, stopping at 2-3 drinks and often going weeks without any alcohol. I also found which drinks affected me more than others so that I can still enjoy myself on a night out and not suffer for the next few days.

So why don’t you try cutting out alcohol for a month or changing your drinking habits? You might be surprised how much it helps!

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