Please note: This is a sponsored/Ad supported post.

I am pleased to finally announce that JoelvsArthritis is now affiliated with cbDNA, a UK-based company who make innovative CBD products to support your wellbeing.

Using the code ‘JVA10‘ at checkout over at, you will be able to get 10% off any purchase while also supporting this website, with every purchase using that code giving us a small commission.

Every penny raised will be reinvested into the running costs of this website and our awareness work.

Why cbDNA?

As mentioned on social media, I have been trialling CBD oil products for the last six months with mixed results. Many products promised the world but seldom delivered. I would often find that CBD oil would help me sleep and my anxiety around high levels of chronic pain, but they didn’t help the pain directly.

Then I discovered cbDNA’s Menthol Muscle Rub thanks to a recommendation from an old school friend and it worked on my long term problem areas. Especially my neck and feet that give me grief at night, in particular. The mix of the UK legal CBD oil and menthol oil, along with my usual pain medication, helped take the edge off for me after months of trial and error with various products.

For me, it was the difference between these areas keeping me awake and getting a decent night’s sleep.

Affiliation with cbDNA announced - Joel vs Arthritis
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I have since tried the chilli ‘heat therapy’ sister product, and that seems to work well on my hands.

After discovering the muscle rub product, I looked into the company more and realised that they were pretty local to me, also based in Norfolk. I liked the open and honest approach and the fact that lab reports are available on their site for each product.

I got in touch with them to provide some feedback, and the rest is history. They loved the work I was doing with my campaigning, and we decided to partner.

What does this mean for JoelvsArthritis?

Essentially, nothing in terms of our work. We will continue to raise awareness of arthritis and other autoimmune diseases, tell my arthritis story and campaign for others.

This venture allows us to try and keep the lights on as this project rapidly grows by placing a few advertisements at the bottom of blog posts, the broader website and occasionally on our social media channels.

It also allows you to get CBD products at a discounted rate while knowing that every purchase using the code ‘JVA10‘ will help fund and support our work in a small way. So it is a positive move for everyone.

Over the coming months, I will be trying other products in their range and let you know how I get on. I have had numerous offers to affiliate with CBD product providers over the last few months, but I refuse to promote something that I wouldn’t use myself. I also found that many brands promised far more than the product could deliver. So to partner with a local brand that I’ve tried, tested and trust, is fantastic.

Enjoy the discount and if you try any of cbDNA’s products, I’d love to hear how you got on!

Affiliation with cbDNA announced - Joel vs Arthritis
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