A poem about how I feel right now - Joel vs Arthritis

As some of you know, I’ve been experiencing some brand new symptoms of late that are really getting me down, multiple infections, crippling fatigue, all over joint pain and night sweats to name but a few.

After recently reading Lindsay Reid’s poetry based on her experiences living with Ankylosing Spondylitis (available here: https://www.redsquirrelpress.com/product-page/my-dark-guardians-lindsay-reid) it made me think about returning to an old hobby I used to have in my teenage years of writing poetry as a bit of an outlet. I warn you now however, I’ve had no education on writing so it’s rather crude.

 Heavy, I ache, 
My bones filled with lead.
My joints are exposed,
To the pain, I am broken.

One followed by another,
They charge, akin to waves.
Like Dunwich cliffs, I'm vulnerable,
Relentless barrage, from infection.

I dream although awake,
I stumble through the day.
The fog, it engulfs me,
Bathed in fatigue, I am broken.

My outlook, it is dimmed,
My patience, splinters thin.
It's no longer just about me,
A new generation, I must father.

Endless questions, never answered
Uncertainty for which I'm burdened.
I need a vacation from myself,
No relief, I am broken.

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Thanks, Joel.