This week sees the six month anniversary of the creation of this site. It’s been a brief and crazy journey!

If numbers are your thing…

It’s been less that six months but last week we went past 10,000 page views on 10.7k to be exact. To think that my articles, updates and general moans about my failing body have been read that many times, amazes me.

What’s possibly more amazing is that the average time spent on the site by users is 4mins and the average number of articles read per visit being 3.3. For anyone who’s familiar with SEO, will know that’s pretty incredible for a brand new site. To think people are finding my words and sticking around to read multiple articles, makes the hours I’ve put in (through pain) all so very worth it.

Finally, before I stop boring you with stats, when adding up all of the followers of JoelvsArthrits across social media, WordPress and our newsletter, we have well over 700 supporters. It’s something I try not to think about too much when writing a new article these days!

April’s most popular

April was a busy month with all of the Versus Arthritis work and not being a great few weeks for my health. The following were the most read articles on this site last month despite me not being able to churn out many articles:

  1. Isolation is one thing, but medical isolation is terrifying
  2. Biologics users – why we’re at risk from Coronavirus
  3. Pain and Parenting: when the happiest year of your life becomes the hardest

Telling Nanci’s story

At the end of April, I had the pleasure of sharing Nanci from ‘My Autoimmune Adventures’ amazing story.

When you get ten minutes, I strongly suggest having a read – it’s eye opening! Such a courageous woman.

Read more…

Interview with Nanci from ‘My Autoimmune Adventures’

Recently, I interviewed Nanci Saad of My Autoimmune Adventures. I have been following Nanci’s Facebook blog for a number of months and she has also been a great supporter of my work.

This is her incredible story of managing multiple autoimmune conditions.

First article published in print-form

April also saw my first article to be published in print-form, in the NASS Magazine. This might seem small but to me, it was a huge milestone. As I’ve said before, I started this to write for myself. For therapy, so to speak. The thought that less than six months later I would be published, would have been insane to me back in November.

It was a great honour to provide content for a charity that has supported me since I was 14 and I have received some lovely emails and messages from members who enjoyed the piece.

You can read an updated version of that article here:

Read more…

If you would like to donate a small amount to helps support all the hard work that NASS do, I set up a fundraiser for World AS Day, which was on 2nd May. Find it here:

Speaking up for Versus Arthritis

April also saw me lend my voice and story to Versus Arthritis’ latest national campaign. ‘It’s not alright, it’s arthritis’. It was an absolute honour to be involved in this piece of work and give something back.

I have been inundated with messages of support and to be honest, I am still working my way through them as we speak!

Below are links that provide more detail on what this involved, to save me boring my regular readers with it all again. 🙂

Buy me a coffee

You may have noticed the new ‘coffee’ icon appearing on this website. Did you know it costs over £400 a year to run JoelvsArthritis (not accounting for my time) and I refuse to litter the site with adverts that draw attention away from the important subject matter. Therefore, I have partnered with ‘Buy me a coffee‘ to accept fee-free donations on this site.

So, if you enjoy my content or find an article you particularly enjoy, why don’t you gift a few pounds to help keep the lights on? I promise you that every single penny goes back into this website to both produce more content for arthritis sufferers and to raise awareness of arthritis and other autoimmune conditions.

Thank you.

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