Wow. I’m amazed that I stuck at this for this long :). With the amount of work I’ve put into this and how it’s become something that I look forward to doing every evening, it feels much longer in some ways.

I wasn’t entirely sure what I was hoping to achieve when I first started blogging. Yes, it was always going to be an outlet to help me through a challenging situation and yes, I wanted to help others – particularly after I successfully overturned my biologics > biosimilars decision, but it’s turned into something I really didn’t appreciate it could be when I first set out.

I’ve always been a competitive person. I believe it was forged in my teenage years of living with arthritis. Everything was ten times harder to achieve and that little bit more out of reach compared to my friends at school, so I worked ten times harder and reached further than everyone else. When you first start out in blogging it’s intimidating. Not only are you wearing your heart on your sleeve, holding out your inner most thoughts and fears for the whole world to see (and comment on) but you start off with a big fat 0 in terms of readership. You might spend hours writing your first four blog posts that nobody reads or comments… or likes. You can get a little obsessed with the numbers. Checking your stats on Google Analytics every 2 hours or looking at that blog that writes about the same subject as you, wondering why they have hundreds or thousands of followers and you still have that fat 0. Then, out of nowhere, something happens.

People start liking your posts, people start commenting on your posts, you get to know some of your followers, you make friends, you understand your audience better and get a clearer vision on what you are writing about, your blogging improves. You get more followers, people start following you on Facebook and Instagram that are not just people you know or family, these are real actual people who took an interest in what you had to say, wow – your blogging improves – and before you know it, you have your own little community on your hands – a group of people that you brought together that have a genuine interest in your story and writing – AND IT BLOWS MY MIND!

I started this blog for selfish reasons – to try and help my shitty situation and help me process it better and now I find myself thinking on the drive home ‘what can I write for my followers?’, ‘what would help or entertain them?’. This is madness.

Two months in and 2,300 people have stopped by and over 200 are following directly and across various social media platforms and I am genuinely extremely thankful to everyone and excited to see where this goes.

Thank you. x

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Arthritis and Psoriasis Patient Advocate, Writer And Consultant. Owner Of The Pain Company.

I share my story of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis to raise awareness and specialise in pain, parenting (with disability) and the mental health impact of living with chronic illness. I write and campaign for leading charities and organisations. In addition, I provide patient experience consultancy for both charities and global healthcare companies.

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